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Reach the very top of the highest next level in the entire image, events, entertainment, accomplishment, achievement and confidence verticals in a very respectful way by purchasing this easily identifiable all-encompassing .COM domain name that could have exceptionally strong and sustainable forward value for many decades to come, and more. 

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Purpose +

Domain Name Sale

Significant High-Profile Potential

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Overview +

This domain name encompasses virtually all boundaries in the self-confidence, accomplishment and achievement spaces.




Characteristics +

First Registration: 2017-07-31

Current Owner: Original Registrant

Extension: .com (The Most Important Top-Level Domain Extension)

Language: English (US)

Length: 9 Characters

Key Names: #1 – Ultra, #2 – Smug

Key Name #1 (Ultra) (Baseline) Definition: Very, extremely.

Key Name #2 (Smug) (Baseline) Definition: Having or showing an excessive pride in oneself or one's achievements.

Composition: 2 Short Key Names ((#1) 5 Characters + (#2) 4 Characters)

Recognition: Key Name #1 – High

Recognition: Key Name #2 – High

Phonetics: Perfect

Hyphenation: None

Carrying Costs: Low Annual (or Multi-Year) Domain Name Renewal Fee



Reference +

Individual valuations of (Characteristics) key names #1 and #2 above, as estimated by, (*GoDaddy), and Estibot, were:


ULTRA.COM has been valued from $30,700 USD to $61,000 USD, respectively.

SMUG.COM has been valued from $14,900 USD, (*$25,000) USD to $130,000 USD, respectively.


The combined valuations of key names #1 and #2 range from $44,900 to $191,000. This figure was highlighted to emphasize how valuable and important name composition and recognition is. A full buildout of could have the potential to reap significant short-term and long-term financial, investment, monetization and related benefits on a major scale, that could rival any digital identity.


Absolutely NO guarantees, warranties or assurances of any kind regarding the potential, estimated, actual or real value of or any derivatives thereof, are expressed or implied. All claims, assertions, estimates, projections and the like regarding and its current and future worth and performance are nothing more than non-binding opinions and/or observations, when and where applicable.




Monetization +

Brandable | Marketable | Recognizable | Memorable

Suitable for all aspects of all things positive Self-Image and Business Image creation, progression, achievement, success, promotion, partnership, alliance, association, and more.



Popularity +

Global audience of exceptional high performers and achievers, plus anyone who either desires or can attain an optimum level of endless high-impact self-driven success.




Observations +

A shortlist includes:  




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